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Move It! Episode Three

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In this episode, we take a look at a distribution operation that is just what the doctor ordered. Cardinal Health is one of the nation's leading medical suppliers, and its Midwest distribution center is one of the largest medical warehouses in the world. Each day, Cardinal Health delivers tens of thousands of products accurately and on time to thousands of hospitals, doctors' offices, and other medical facilities.

Next, we head to Elwood, Ill., to visit the largest inland port in the United States. The CenterPoint Intermodal Center is where trains and trucks meet to keep shipments on the move. After that, we visit a contract packaging facility operated by Ryder to see how some of your favorite snack foods are packaged. Manufacturers rely on packaging not only to contain their products, but also to make what they sell more appealing to consumers and convenient to carry. This can be a challenge for manufacturers, and that is why companies like Ryder handle the packaging work for many of them.

And in our concluding segment, we travel to Barcelona, Spain, to see how fashions are delivered with style at Desigual. The retailer's distribution center is equipped to handle the large "pushes" of garments at the beginning of each fashion season as well as to quickly replenish stores as fast-moving products sell. It's a delicate balancing act made possible with high technology that's as sophisticated as the hip fashions Desigual offers.


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